Two NOA Vision LED TVs now available on the market

A new line of NOA devices has been introduced into the lineup. Next to NOA smartphones and Noaline accessories, Hangar18 has launched a new line of LED television sets called NOA Vision. There are currently two models available on the market, one with a 32-inch screen size, and the other is a smart TV with a diagonal of 43 inches.

NOA Vision LED TVs follow an „affordable premium“ philosophy, which has popularized the NOA brand, and which implements a wealth of options in devices which offer the best features for the best price.

The first two models to appear on the market feature screen sizes measuring 32 and 43 inches. Both devices offer top image quality of 16.7 million colors and image sharpening thanks to the comb filtering feature.

Buyers of NOA Vision TVs can rest assured that their devices will not be obsolete for a long time in regards to broadcast signal standards. NOA Vision TVs support the DVB-T2 standard which is used by almost every terrestrial TV broadcaster.

In order to ensure that you can watch your favorite series a bit later, NOA Vision TVs come with a built-in video recorder, which with the addition of a USB storage device enables you to enjoy them whenever you wish. Both models come with implemented Dolby audio technology, which improves the quality of sound, thus enabling a better listening experience.

Besides a compact 32” TV in HD ready resolution of 1.366x768px, NOA Vision series offers a 43” smart TV in FHD resolution of 1920x1080px, and which runs the Android 6.0 operating system. Thanks to the WiFi network connect option, this model will enrich everyday TV viewing with apps and various multimedia options.

Noa Vision

NOA Vision TVs come in an elegantly designed dark gray case with a thin bezel, which will seamlessly fit into your living space.

In order to ensure care-free long-term usage of the device, a 5-year guarantee comes with every NOA Vision TV.

Next to currently available models, plans for the NOA TV line of products includes two new models with a screen size of 50 and 55 inches in UHD reslution, which are to be released soon.