Strategic cooperation agreement signed between NOA and Coosea Group

During the grand opening of the Industry park Coosea Intelligent Terminal in the Chinese city of Yibin, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between NOA and Coosea.

The Intelligent Terminal is a newly built industrial park, a part of the Coosea Group in the Sichuan province. Coosea Group co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of motherboards and other smart device components. It cooperates with over 30 countries and is a strategic partner of MediaTek Inc. and Samsung Electronics.

Coosea intelligent Terminal is a modern telecommunications and research zone, with a total surface of 211 hectares, and building complexes taking up 160.000 square meters in total. The amount of funds invested in this project is over 126 mil. Euros. 5.000 workplaces have been created, consisting of numerous expert teams, enabling the making of custom software and hardware solutions created for the needs of clients.

The minister of Sichuan province, Liu ZhongBo and Chairman Chen KaiFeng were were present at the grand opening in July this year. During the official meeting, and after the agreement signing, the owner, and CEO of Hangar18, Mr. Mario Kralj has gifted an official football jersey of the Croatian football team to the Minister and to the Chairman.

NOA products are among the top 5 brands in the world, according to the quality and the availability of built-in components.

The opening of the Yibin institute in the Lingang development zone was also announced, which will feature a large research and development base. A research team composed of 300 experts and a testing center with 200 employees will also be located in the institute.

NOA and Coosea will cooperate in the development of the latest technologies which will be implemented in NOA TV sets, smartphones, tablets and Noaline gadgets with an AI feature.