NOA Hummer 2019 smartphone joins the RokOtok project

Koprivnica, July 5th, 2019 – Tomorrow is the start of the exciting RokOtok project created by the famous blogger and journalist Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish. This unique project will send Ribafish swimming across the Adriatic sea in order to link all 50 of Croatia’s inhabited islands in honor of the memory of his son Rok.

RokOtok’s goal is the promotion of an active, healthy lifestyle, youth socialization, and sport. Ribafish will visit each island and hold lectures on the importance of time parents spend with children, and the importance of caring about the environment, and the planet. Besides being educational, this project is also promotional, since Domagoj will be joined on his swimming journey by children, friends, and tourists.

Hangar18 is supporting this noble project with a donation of NOA Hummer 2019 smartphones, which are tailor-made for such adventure challenges and hot summer days. Thanks to the IP68 certificate and the MIL-STD-810G standard Hummer 2019 is appropriate for all outdoor activities. Domagoj will be accompanied at all times by a team of cameramen, doctors, and volunteers on a ship, who will be using the NOA Hummer 2019 smartphone.

The project is under the special sponsorship of the Republic of Croatia’s Presidential Office, who have recognized the value and potential of this project.

On Saturday, 6th of July Ribafish will swim the distance from the Lapad beach in Dubrovnik towards Koločep and will connect seventeen islands until the end of the month. The final destination of this year’s stage is Čiovo, with this swimming educational adventure continuing for the next 2 years.