New NOA smartphones presented in Serbia, along with the NOA Premium Care guarantee

Koprivnica, 27th of March 2019 – On Thursday, 21st of March, the NOA smartphone press conference was held, announcing  new models to be released on the Serbian market, along with the NOA Premium Care guarantee. New F series mobile phones were also presented, which were premiered at the Mobile World Congress 2019, sparking great interest from the general public.

The latest models that are to be released on the Serbian market were presented to the gathered media representatives: NOA N20 and NOA P1 from the Element series, and NOA Primo 4G and NOA Vivo 4G from the Core series.

Next to these models, the rest of the F series were also present: F3, F5, F10 Pro, and F20 Pro, based around AI technologies, an entire assortment of products which include NOA tablets, NOA Vision LED „smart“ TV sets and NOAline mobile accessories. Those present were also able to see the latest new devices form the F series and other devices which are also going to be present on the Serbian market.

The presentation put forth information related to the devices which are to be released on the Serbian market in a few days: The NOA P1 model from the Element series, meant for less demanding users, and the NOA N20, supporting a double back camera capable of taking photos up to 65 MP, and with DTS sound capabilities built in from the get-go. The NOA Core segment was represented by NOA Primo 4G and NOA Vivo 4G, which offer a dearth of options at an affordable price.

Starting from the 15th of March, NOA Premium care guarantee is available on the Serbian market. This guarantee sets NOA mobile phones apart from the competition, securing the device from all unpredictable damages caused by user neglect, within the first 12 months from the date of purchase.

There are currently 6 NOA smartphone models available on the Serbian market: NOA N10, NOA N7, NOA N1, NOA L12, NOA L11SE, and NOA NEXT SE, with four new models available soon: NOA N20, NOA P1, NOA Primo 4G and Vivo 4G.

After the official presentation, the soiree continued with a wine tasting event, attended by the media representatives and partners at the „Wine & Pleasures“ winery.