H18 Megastore Gaming arena presented in Koprivnica

Hangar 18 has invited yesterday to Koprivnica its business partners, the mayor of the town of Koprivnica and the head of the Koprivnica-Križevci county, along with media representatives in order to present the newly opened H18 Megastore IT shop, and the Gaming Arena which occupies the same space. Around 50 guests have gathered, and were delighted by the ambient and concept of the newly opened store.

Mario Kralj, owner and CEO of Hangar 18 spoke to the visitors, thanking them for supporting this international IT company. Kralj has announced the opening of an assembly line in Koprivnica, where NOA TV sets will be assembled, with the invested amount being over 1,2 million EUR, which will create new jobs. The company has already completed one large investment in the new logistics center worth 950,000 EUR.

Hangar 18 has been a pioneer and leader in the Croatian gaming scene since the first Gaming Arena in Zagreb, which was incorporated into the Arena center H18 Megastore at the end of 2016. Today, Hangar 18 has opened 7 Gaming Arenas, incorporated into retail spaces in Zagreb, Šibenik, Rijeka, Varaždin, Osijek and Koprivnica. During the store presentation, held by Mario Pintar, CMO, a presentation of the company itself and the NOA brand was also held, with the announcements of the new store and gaming arena openings in Croatia and the region.

Mišel Jakšić, the mayor of the town of Koprivnica was also present at the opening, along with the head of the managing section for finance, economy, and European affairs Zdravko Punčikar. Mayor Jakšić has congratulated the CEO and owner of Hangar 18, and his colleagues the success of the company while giving full support of the Koprivnica based company, which has managed to accomplish doing business on an international scale from the town of Koprivnica itself.

Darko Koren, the head of the Koprivnica-Križevci county, along with the deputy Darko Sobota has also attended the presentation. Mr. Koren has congratulated Mr. Kralj and his team on the enterprize, which has managed to become a global company with an international market, and a partner of investors from around the world.

„You are the pride of Koprivnica, the entire county, and of Croatia, and we are very grateful for your the promotion of our region. With your work, effort, and knowledge you’ve created a company that is growing each day, and what’s most important, bolsters the economic growth and highlight the potential of our region.“ said Koren.

Visitors have used the presentation of the store and of the Gaming arena to get acquainted with the technology and the products that Hangar 18 is producing under the NOA brand.