Assistant to Minister of Science and Education visits Hangar 18

Koprivnica, 8th of March 2019 – During the official visit to the town of Koprivnica, Thursday 7th of March, assistant to the Minister of Science and Education, Mr. Vlado Prskalo, and the head of Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, Mr. Mile Živčić have also visited Hangar 18. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Ratimir Ljubić, Deputy County Prefect of the Koprivnica-Križevci county.

The reason for their visit to Koprivnica was a work meeting with the subject of connection and cooperation between vocational training and the economic market. A work meeting was also held in Hangar 18, where the owner and CEO of the company, Mr. Mario Kralj through a presentation of successful entrepreneurship and a wide spectrum of Hangar 18’s business dealings has introduced the guests to the IT sector, and its constant need for qualified experts.

Hangar 18 as one of the fastest growing companies in the IT sector, with a select few core businesses activities, such as the sales of IT goods through the company’s H18 Megastore branded IT stores, wholesale, production of branded HPC computers, Gaming Arena development, along with the manufacture of branded NOA mobile phones (smartphones, tablets, and TVs) is looking for ways to hire a qualified expert workforce.

The Hangar 18 meeting attendees have considered the possibility of curriculum development for the continuing education of students, who are ready to work in the IT sector after a completed secondary education and a finished internship.

An internship arrangement between Hangar 18 and the Koprivnica Trade School is already in place, helping students attain skills applicable in the workplace. Beside topics already mentioned, the matter of cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education and further plans for the future were also discussed.